About me

I have 30 years experience working within the NHS, largely in CAMHS but have also worked with adults in the clinical setting, as seen in my curriculum vitae.

I am very passionate about providing the highest quality service to my clients, and offering evidence based interventions to ensure that my therapeutic interventions are a success whenever possible. I have sought accreditation to ensure that my interventions are fully adherent to the model and thus more effective.  I was put forward for an award in the NHS for my work in putting Evidence based interventions into Practice, and received a Highly Commended Award.

I aim to fully understand and conceptualise a person’s difficulties within a shared formulation to guide my work, and flexibly adapt this in line with new information that may be uncovered during the therapeutic work. I think it is important to establish a positive relationship with my patients, so that I gain their trust to share sensitive information with me to help me fully understand their difficulties.  We can then move forward together to find ways of overcoming difficulties, by engaging in new behaviours, using new skills and modifying unhelpful ways of thinking.  I have demonstrated the ability to get on with patients over the years. I use humour in my sessions when appropriate, to reduce emotional heat in the situation, to lighten the mood and encourage flexibility in my patients. Therapy is hard work at times but we can also have some fun!